Frequently Asked Questions

How can NVA Title charge lower rates than other title companies in the region?

Most title insurance companies have affiliated business arrangements with realtors and lenders. This means that when your realtor or lender refers you to a particular title company, they may have an ownership interest in that particular title company. Your realtor or lender will end up getting part of the charges you pay to the title company. At NVA Title we do not have any affiliated business arrangements. Instead of having to pay realtors or lenders for the referral of business, we can offer the savings to our customers. 

What is the difference between Lender's title insurance and Owner's title insurance?

Lender's title insurance is a policy of insurance that protects your lender in case there are against loses resulting from defects in the title to your property. This policy does not protect you, the owner. Lender's title insurance will be required by your lender. Owner's title insurance is a policy of insurance that protects you, the owner, in the event that are any loses resulting from defects in the title to your property. Owner's title insurance is optional. 

Why do I need owner's title insurance?

For most people the purchase of a house is the biggest investment they will make.It does not make since not to insure this investment from possible future claims against the title to the property. The following is a list of a few of the defects that title insurance protects against:

  • Mistakes in recording legal documents
  • Undisclosed or missing heirs, including spouses
  • Forgeries in the chain of title (including deeds, releases or wills)
  • Deed by incompetent persons (including deeds by persons of unsound mind and minors)
  • Fraud
  • Deeds executed by invalid or expired power of attorney
  • Liens for unpaid taxes

How much will title insurance cost me?

The premium you pay for title insurance is a one time premium paid at settlement which is based on the sales price and the loan amount. 

How do I know that my title insurance will be from a reputable company?

NVA Title is an agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, Stewart Title Guaranty Company and WFG National Title Insurance Company and issues all of its policies through one of these companies, each of which are national title insurance underwriters. 

What is the difference between a standard owner's policy and an enhanced or advantage owners policy?

The premium for an enhanced policy is 20% higher and provides additional protections.

Some of the additional protections are:

  • Graduated Increase in Coverage (Protects against inflation)
  • Limited Post Policy Mechanic's Lien Coverage
  • Coverage for certain Zoning/Subdivision Matters
  • Coverage for encroachments
  • Coverage for violation of restrictions

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